Lil' Pup Academy: A Program as Unique as your Child

Lil' Pup Academy is not just a daycare! We are a center-based child development center. We believe that children learn effectively through play in a secure, structured environment.

Lil' Pup incorporates Higher Learning Curriculum which is a hands-on, project based program that engages students on multiple levels while exposing them to traditional applications of academics that will prepare them for school.

Curriculum will begin with our infants 6 weeks through children 5 years of age; structuring each program to fit each child's developmental needs.

Lil' Pup participates in the Texas Food Program and serves breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack to each child.


6 weeks - 18 months

Lil' Pup believes that children learn from the start, therefore we offer nurturing care in a warm, safe environment.  Our loving teachers will guide your child to help them meet developmental milestones.  Children grow and learn at their own pace, so learning experiences are designed to meet the individual needs and abilities of each child.


18 months - 2.5 years

At this age, children are learning more than ever before. Lil' Pup encourages and promotes this growth through fun, challenging activities. However, each child learns at a different pace, so curriculum will be tailored to fit each child.

Busy Bees

2 years - 3.5 years

Toddlers are full of energy and curiosity, so Lil Pup' focuses on channeling that energy into learning while having fun.  Toddlers are challenged daily to learn through developmentally, appropriate activities that will help them reach key milestones at their own pace.

Lady Bugs

3 years - 5 years

Our Pre-K program focuses on helping your child build skills vital to be successful in Kindergarten.  They will learn respect for themselves, respect for others, self confidence, and problem solving.  Our teachers will encourage literacy, mathematical skills and science.

Rock'n Rhinos

5 - 12 years

Lil' Pup offers a before and after school program and provides transportation to and from the Primary, Elementary and Middle School.  A well balanced breakfast will be provided before school and snacks after school.  After school, kids are given an opportunity to complete homework with assistance if needed.  Age appropriate activities and field trips will be offered during school holidays and summer time.